Creative Consultancy

If you are an organisation or company who is undertaking a project that may necessitate an imaginative approach then having a consultation may guide you to a more desirable often cost effective creative solution. There can be a variety of ways that this can be achieved from private one to one consultations to devising a series of workshops for a broader range of participants.

Often initiatives or challenges – which may be complex or difficult to understand can cause communication difficulties and place people under stress. There is a way that can be found to arrange information through using alternative strategies, which are easily understood by being more memorable.

As a creative consultant with a Master of Arts qualification, with proven expertise in developing entrepreneurial and presentation skills I can offer one-to-one guidance or tailored workshops, which can be specially designed to suit your own needs or that of your business. Improving the ability to present pitches or showcase proposals – using a range of inventive styles, persuasive tools and interesting materials. Interactive seminars enhancing other inter-personal and creative qualities to aid in motivation, staff morale, team building and innovative thinking that can be personalized to your business or projects.

If you you would like to discuss your requirements further please with Alison please contact her.

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