Presentation Skills

“Good morning everyone…and before we start I would like everyone to introduce themselves”

“Hi, sorry to drop this on you, but the speaker has cancelled and you have been recommended to speak, there will only be 200 people attending, 2pm start tomorrow, OK with you?”

“Really sorry, but it seems the software is corrupted, can you speak for 60 minutes without your slides?”


Does any of this sound familiar?Julian Sharpe, Presentation Skills Lecture Central Saint Martins

Does your mouth go dry? Do your anxious feelings turn to panic…accompanied by shakes, a blank mind, hesitation, followed by an umm.. and then by an err..?

If making presentations either at work, or on behalf of your business is becoming an unwelcome pressure then attending workshops, or accessing personal tuition in public speaking could replace these symptoms of panic and nervousness, with confidence and enthusiasm.

Alison Branagan has written and facilitated upon many ‘Presentation Skills’ courses for range of differing participants, including devising the first ever course in the UK for creative people. She works with a number of highly accomplished consultants who specialise in public speaking and NLP and is able to offer tuition specific to your organisation or personal requirements.

Presentation Skills

  1. Confidence and persuasion in public speaking.
  2. Structuring presentation and use of creativity.
  3. Audience arrangements for impact and disability awareness.

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