A Snapshot of 1988…

This is a picture of me many moons a go with some of my fine art student friends, out and about (a.k.a. on the loose) near Skipton in North Yorkshire. An extremely long time ago, in the midst of time, ┬ábefore the digital age was even imagined. At that time photography was a tricky, extremely slow and expensive business. Also getting about in Nick’s ancient car was another adventure, which we all took rather too lightly, …’er Alison, ah, oh don’t move the foot mats…yes, that is moving road you see underneath there…don’t panic, just keep still and under no circumstances put your feet down.’

You might recall I’ve written a couple of books the main one being ‘The Essential Guide to Business for Artists & Designers’ now revised and updated for 2014.

1I often wonder what my dizzy latter teenage self would have made of this book if it was thrust upon me on Christmas Day, I think I would have been curious…but I can’t be sure. After chatting to art students this week there is still a great deal of fuzziness about their futures. Despite this new super informed age we all live in, artists and designers are still learning by their mistakes, which they don’t need to do any more. If you are a recent graduate, are still studying or have a creative friend who has recently graduated, this book, (though they may not view it as an #idealgift) will help them avoid the master-by-error route and be able to make more informed judgements about their next steps.

Don’t spent your 20s in the wilderness…open up page one…keep reading and de-fuzz the future.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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